What happens if you drive a foreign-registered vehicle into Sweden?

If you drive a vehicle into Sweden that is registered in a country outside the Green Card system, you will have to take out a special motor insurance policy, known as frontier insurance.

Frontier insurance premium is paid to Swedish Customs at the Swedish border and the insurance is valid for the entire EEA area and Switzerland. Your vehicle must have frontier insurance until it is registered in Sweden. Frontier insurance is motor insurance that offers compensation to other people ('third parties') for damage to property or personal injury, in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the damage/injury is sustained. The insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle. Damage/injury should be reported to, and is dealt with by, the Green Card bureau in the country in which the damage/injury occurred. TFF is responsible for frontier insurance in Sweden.

Frontier insurance premiums in Sweden

All amounts are given in SEK.

Category of


Each subsequent



1 month


1 year

A. Car



5 200

B. Motorcycle



2 200

C. Lorry/tractor

3 000

1 500

17 600

D. Moped



1 200

E. Bus

2 700

1 300

13 200

F. Trailer  An additional 50% premium is paid for vehicles with trailers.

The car premium is paid for vehicles with a total weight of max. 3 500 kg and for vehicles with space for no more than 9 people (including the driver).