Special rules apply if you want to enter these countries

Driving in the United Kingdom after Brexit

We recommend that you always have a Green Card when you enter the United Kingdom. Contact your insurance company for this.

The United Kingdom will still be a part of the Green Card system, after Brexit. Although, you will be required to show that your vehicle has valid motor third party liability insurance when you enter the United Kingdom and during your stay there.

The United Kingdom left the EU on 31 Januari 2020, with a transition period until 31 December 2020. It is expected that Brexit will have limited consequences for the Green Card system.

More information can be obtained from the Department for Transport, UK.


The Green Card currently (2016) does not apply here because Kosovo is not a member of the UN. Your Swedish insurance is therefore not valid, which means that you must take out special motor third party liability insurance at the Kosovan border.