Brexit – what are the consequences?

TFF will follow the development regarding the UK's exit from the EU. This information will be updated as soon as we know what consequences it will have for driving in the UK. For example a valid Green Card may be necessary for cross-border traffic. You can also contact your insurer before travelling.


Things to consider when hiring a car abroad

Planning to hire a car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle abroad?
If so, remember that the rules may be different to the ones you are used to here in Sweden.

In many other countries, for example, the vehicle's insurance does not cover injuries you might sustain as the driver. In that case, you should take out a special driver's insurance policy. Otherwise you may not receive any compensation at all if you are involved in a single-vehicle accident or you are solely liable for an accident.

Protection for your passengers may also be less comprehensive than in Sweden.

It is therefore important to examine the terms and conditions carefully before hiring a vehicle abroad. If necessary, purchase additional insurance for both personal injury and damage.