The green card system makes international driving easier

The motor third party liability insurance in the country in which a vehicle is registered is also valid in other countries. It guarantees your right to compensation if you sustain damage or injury caused by a foreign vehicle.

The green card system has members (insurance companies) in every country in Europe, as well as several around the Mediterranean (a total of 47 countries). Motor vehicles can be driven freely between the member countries on your insurance from your own country. However, special proof that the vehicle is insured – the green card – is still required to travel into certain member countries.

How your case is dealt with in case of damage/injury

Each member country has a green card bureau that settles damage/injury claims caused by foreign vehicles. Compensation for damage/injury is paid in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the damage/injury was sustained.

There is a corresponding bureau in the country in which the vehicle is registered. It ensures that the green card bureau dealing with the case is compensated. However, the cost is ultimately borne by the motor insurance company.

Each member country also has a guarantee fund. It provides compensation if the vehicle that caused the accident is uninsured.

Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) is the Swedish green card bureau and guarantee fund. We represent Swedish insurance companies in this system.

Most insurance companies further facilitate the claim process by appointing local insurance or claim settlement companies in the country where the damage/injury was sustained. These companies are known as correspondents. The green card bureau approves the correspondents and guarantees that the person who sustained damage/injury will be compensated.

Foreign insurance companies' correspondents in Sweden

Swedish insurance companies' correspondents abroad can be found on the website of the green card bureau of the country in which the damage/injury was sustained.

Further information on the green card system (which is organised by the Council of Bureaux, COB, in Brussels), its member countries and EU rules concerning motor insurance and related issuse can be found at