Rules that make it easier for you if you are involved in a road traffic accident abroad

If you are resident in Sweden and are involved in a road traffic accident abroad (see below for the countries concerned), you can have your damage claim settled in Sweden after you return home. This means that you do not have to contact a foreign insurance company in a foreign language and in another country.

An EU directive making this possible has been in place since 2003. The rules apply if you are sustain damage or injury while travelling in an EEA country (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Switzerland. They also apply if an accident occurred in another country that is part of the green card system, as long as the vehicle that was liable for the accident is insured in an EEA country or Switzerland.

If you sustain damage or injury in a road traffic accident in one of these countries, contact your Insurance Company or us to get help with finding the Claims Representative of the foreign company that insures the other party. The representative will deal with the claim on behalf of the foreign insurance company in accordance with the compensation rules that apply in the country in question.

The rules apply if you wish to claim compensation from another driver's motor insurance. Generally, this means that the other party must have been liable for the accident.

Please keep in mind that different countries have different rules. In most countries you will need an Accident report signed by both drivers or a Police report.

However, if you yourself were liable for an accident while travelling abroad, the following applies:

Claim representatives in Sweden

There is an information centre in every EEA country and in Switzerland. Contact the centre in the country in which the other party's vehicle is registered. They can provide information on the claim representatives appointed in other countries by insurance companies in their own country. They can also tell you where a vehicle is insured.

Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) is the information centre in Sweden, and can help you if you cannot find the foreign insurance company's representative in this country.

Swedish insurance companies' representatives abroad.

Damage/injury compensation bodies

There is also a damage/injury compensation body in all EEA countries and in Switzerland. TFF is the compensation body in Sweden and can deal with a damage/personal injury claim under the EU directive if:

  • The foreign insurance company or claim representative does not offer the person who sustained damage/injury a motivated response/offer of compensation within a certain period.

  • The insurance company has not appointed a claim representative in Sweden.

The claim is also dealt with by TFF if the foreign vehicle that was liable for the accident was uninsured or unknown.

Extended protection under Swedish motor third party liability insurance

Swedish citizens and residents are offered unique protection if injured by a Swedish vehicle abroad. The vehicle's Swedish motor third party liability insurance offers compensation for personal injury to the driver and passengers, regardless of who was liable for the accident.

For further information contact your insurance company or click here.