Will you be driving your car outside Sweden?

If you travel abroad in your own car your Swedish motor third party liability insurance is valid in 47 different countries. It is usually sufficient if the vehicle has Swedish registration plates, but in some countries it is also required that you present a certificate of insurance – a green card.

If you cause a traffic accident abroad, your liability is handled by a representative (correspondent) of your Swedish insurance company or by a separate Bureau in the country where the accident occurred.

If you suffer loss or injury caused by a foreign vehicle here in Sweden, in the same way there is usually a correspondent for the other party’s insurance company that can provide compensation. Otherwise, you can apply to us.

There is also a system to compensate Swedes who suffer loss or injury in road traffic abroad. The system means that foreign insurance companies have appointed claims representatives in Sweden for you to contact. This applies in the EEA (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) as well as Switzerland. If there is no representative of a foreign insurance company, we can usually help you.

If you hire your vehicle at your destination, you should look more carefully into your insurance protection. It usually gives worse cover than is applicable here in Sweden.