The cost of having the vehicle uninsured

It is illegal to have an uninsured vehicle. The motor insurance charge should be perceived as a sanction and be high enough to prevent anyone gaining from being uninsured.

The charge is based on the insurance companies’ annual premiums for motor third party liability insurance. However, it may not be more than 10 per cent higher than the highest motor third party liability insurance premium in the market (including premium tax).

The charge for a vehicle is based on the annual premiums for vehicles of the same type and with the same manner of use. A difference is made between the type of vehicle (such as passenger car, mc, bus) and the manner of use (passenger car, taxi, hire car). The make, model year, place of residence, bonus, mileage class etc. are not taken into account. The Swedish Motor Insurers' (TFF) charge table below breaks vehicles down into 19 charge groups.

The charge table is evaluated at least twice per year by TFF and is revised as needed, after any changes in insurance companies’ premiums. The process for determining the motor insurance charge is examined every year by TFF's external auditors.

How to read the charge table

Identify the vehicle’s “TFF-code” and go to the table of charges on TFF's Swedish website and find the type of vehicle with the same code. The Swedish table shows the current motor insurance charge per day in SEK for each type of vehicle under the heading "Avgift per dag, kr".

Charge table (revised 1 April 2022)

TFF-code Charge group
0101 Car, commercial passengers (taxi)
0102 Car, commercial transport of goods (courier's van) 
0103 Car, commercial rentals
0104 Car, not commercial traffic, motorhome
0105 Car, other (private car)
0201 Lorry, not commercial traffic, motorhome
0202 Lorry, total weight max 3 500 kg, commercial transport of goods
0203 Lorry, total weight max 3 500 kg, commercial rentals
0204 Lorry, total weight max 3 500 kg, not commercial traffic
0205 Lorry, total weight over 3 500 kg, fire truck
0206 Lorry, total weight over 3 500 kg, other
0207 Lorry, commercial passengers
0301 Bus
0501 MC, stroke volume max 125 cc and motor effect max 11 kW
0502 MC, stroke volume over 125 cc or motor effect over 11 kW
0503 Moped, legally required to be registered
0601 Tractor
0701 Machinery
0801 Cross-country vehicles

For historic and vintage vehicles, 30 years or older, the charged is adjusted to 50%, except for charge groups 0503, 0601, 0701 and 0801.