Brexit – what are the consequences?

TFF will follow the development regarding the UK's exit from the EU. This information will be updated as soon as we know what consequences it will have for driving in the UK. For example a valid Green Card may be necessary for cross-border traffic. You can also contact your insurer before travelling.


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Apply for a payment plan

If you have a debt to us there it is often possible to apply a payment plan. Fill in the form below and send it to us. We review your application and then send a written reply to you if we accept your proposed payment plan or not.

To be able to agree a payment plan with us your vehicle/s must be insured or notified as off road.

If you have debts to us that have been transferred to a debt collection company or to the Swedish Enforcement Authority for attachment, they may not be included in any payment plan.

You may not use the form below if you have debts that have been submitted to the Swedish Enforcement Authority for an injunction to pay. Please contact our Customer Services for information about payment options.

In the application you fill in your proposal for how much you can pay per month. We would like you to pay at least one per cent of your total debt, but always a minimum of SEK 300 per month.

A payment plan entails extra costs:

  • For setting up a payment plan for you we charge SEK 170.
  • Notification/accounting cost of SEK 60 per month.
  • Penalty interest if you have debts with us with a legally binding verdict or judgment.

Consequently, your total cost will be lower the more you can pay each month.

Reference no
First name:
c/o (if applicable):
Telephone no (daytime):
Mobile phone no:
Email address:
Sum to repay per month:
In which month can you start the payment plan, if approved?

I would like to receive notification of TFF's decision on my payment proposal by:

Message (optional):
The act of filling in and sending this form will not stop the ongoing processing of your cases. We will respond in writing with notification of whether your payment proposal has been accepted or not.
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