Brexit – what are the consequences?

As things stand today the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on 29th March 2019. It is still unclear whether Brexit will be based on an agreement between the UK and the EU or not. A valid Green Card may be necessary for cross-border traffic when travelling to the United Kingdom.

TFF will follow the development. This information will be updated. You can also contact your insurer before travelling.


Swedish Motor Insurers is responsible for levying the motor insurance charge

Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) is a cooperation body for motor insurance companies in Sweden. We have a legal right (Motor Traffic Damage Act, Section 34) to levy a motor insurance charge from persons who own vehicles that are uninsured, but not notified as off road.

Swedish Motor Insurers receives daily information from the Swedish Transport Agency about vehicles that have been notified as off-road, licensed for use, deregistered or changed owners. We also receive information on new insurance policies taken out and insurance policies that have expired (this data is obtained by the Swedish Transport Agency from insurance companies).

The charge contributes to claims payments

If an uninsured vehicle causes damage, there is no insurance company that can pay compensation. That is when Swedish Motor Insurers helps. The money we receive from the motor insurance charge contributes to the compensation of people who have been injured or had property destroyed by an uninsured vehicle.

Despite a legal requirement for motor third party liability insurance there are more than 60,000 uninsured vehicles in Sweden. That is about one per cent of all vehicles. They cause injury and damage to people or property amounting to several hundred million kronor per year.