It is illegal and expensive to have an uninsured vehicle

Contact an insurance company and take out motor third party liability insurance (‘trafikförsäkring’) immediately when you buy a vehicle. If you own a motor vehicle the law stipulates that you obtain motor third party liability insurance from the first day of ownership. The previous owner’s insurance ceases immediately on change of ownership.

Your vehicle must have motor third party liability insurance cover, even if it is out of order, stolen, prohibited from being driven or not used. If you do not use the vehicle, notify it as off road to the Swedish Transport Agency. When the vehicle is notified as off road it does not need motor third party liability insurance cover. The off road notification applies from the day on which a complete application is received by the Swedish Transport Agency.

If your vehicle does not have motor third party liability cover, you as owner must pay a motor insurance charge to us. The size of the charge is determined in accordance with Section 34 of the Motor Traffic Damage Act (1975:1410) and is much higher than a normal insurance premium. The charge is levied for each day the vehicle is not insured.

This is how much it costs to have the vehicle uninsured.

If you do not pay the insurance premium for your vehicle

If you do not pay the insurance premium in time, the insurance company sends a reminder. If no payment is made by the date specified on the reminder, the insurance cover ceases.

If payment is made only after the insurance cover has ceased (after the due date) the payment is regarded as an order for a new policy under the Insurance Contracts Act (Chapter 5, Section 3) and will come into force at the latest the day after payment. Consequently, a payment made after the insurance policy has expired has no retroactive effect.

The insurance companies transfer the unpaid premium relating to the payment period on the reminder to us (Swedish Motor Insurers, TFF). We then levy a motor insurance charge until the vehicle is insured or notified as being off road.