If you are not satisfied

If you are not satisfied with our decision on the issue of compensation you should in the first instance, contact your case officer at Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF). Any misunderstandings can often be cleared up in a telephone call.

If new facts emerge that the case officer was unaware of before, they may lead to a review of our decision.

If you are not satisfied with our service, competence or similar, you can fill in the form under Contact us and point out to us what did not meet your expectations.

Road Traffic Injuries Commission

Considers matters concerning compensation for personal injury. You must submit a request for review to your case officer.
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The Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau

Provide consumers with independent information and advise regarding financial services. All information and advise is free of charge.
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The Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints

Considers certain compensation issues in insurance cases.
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If you do not accept our compensation decision, it can always be considered by a court (district court). You can receive a contribution towards the costs that then arise, if you have a legal expenses insurance or through legal aid. Contact the insurance company where you have your motor vehicle insurance or home insurance for more information.