Areas where Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) operates outside its main functions

There are some areas where Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) operates outside its main value chain.

Motor Insurance Committee (BFK)

TFF deals with some insurance matters concerning motor vehicles as part of the voluntary industry cooperation in Sweden. The work is carried out through the Motor Insurance Committee (BFK) and relates to common industry matters where it is appropriate under competition law to cooperate and where cooperation benefits both the insurance companies and customers.

BFK deals with operative matters in motor third part liability and other motor vehicle insurance. These may include legislation matters and other legal developments or matters concerning uninsured vehicles. They may also relate to cooperation on various matters with other industry organisations or public authorities. BFK monitors the work within the Green Card system and Insurance Europe on matters that may be of significance to the operational activities of TFF and/or the insurance companies.

Personal Injury Committee (PSK)

TFF shares responsibility for the Personal Injury Committee (PSK) with Insurance Sweden. The work of PSK aims to provide the conditions for consistent assessments of high quality in the area of personal injury.

The questions mainly concern compensation based on the law of torts, for example through motor third party liability insurance or third-party insurance. Questions concerning conditional personal insurance may be raised in PSK in cases where it is allowed under competition law. PSK also functions as a point of contact in personal injury matters between the industry and for example various public authorities.

Referral body

TFF often acts as a referral body in the area of motor third party liability insurance. Much of what affects referral processes is in the context of the work of the Motor Insurance Committee (BFK). TFF’s role as a referral body is to be objective, independent and explain current legislation.